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    97211    1 Ton
    92652   Car Wheel Balancer
    About Us
    Established in 1958, located in Jiaxing, a hour's dirve to Shanghai, Datong Machinery is one of the largest and historic manufacturers of hydraulic tools and other garage tools in China. The facotry has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.
    It covers 35,000 square meters for the new modern factory park, there are 300 employees, the total annual sales amount more than 20 million US Dollars.
    By dvanced machine and technology, the production capacity for the factory is  2.5 million pieces per year. All of products were compliance with CE/GS and American ANSI/ASME-2014, exported to USA, Europe and all over the world.
    With the concept of Quality and Honesty first, Datong aims to be a world-class manufacturing enterprise!
    Welcome to visiting us and sincerely wish we could have a prosperous business in the near future!
    Jiaxing Datong Machinery deals with machine\'s producing and developing since 1958.From 1985 we are the specialized company in developing ...
    Contact Us
    Add:No.8 Datong Road,yuxin Town, Nanhu of Jiaxing,Zhejiang, China
    E-MAIL: info@datong.com.cn
    Copyright ? 2014 Jiaxing Datong Machinery Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved
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